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Motorola Desktop Charger Original (OEM) SPN5204A / SPN5211A

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Motorola Dual Desktop Charger SPN5204A / SPN5211A, Original Motorola accessory

Use as a standalone desktop charger or use with the battery charging base for dual charging capabilities (requires your Motorola phone's travel charger). Easily view charging status via phone's display or rear pocket LED. Back plate supports phone and folds down for compact storage when not in use.

Battery charging base can be detached and used in conjunction with a power supply as a battery only charger - great for traveling! Multiple inserts designed to match the contact block on the battery to the contact block on the battery charging base.

Charge your phone's battery in approximately 2-5 hours when used with your Motorola phone's travel charger (Actual charge time is dependent on travel charger).

A connector on the back of the charging unit allows for simultaneous data and power pass through and synchronization when used with data accessories.

Transform your Desktop Charging Station ( SPN5204A / SPN5204 / SPN5211A / SPN5211 ) into a hands-free speakerphone by adding the compatible Motorola Plug-In Speaker (sold separately - works with CE bus connector phones only).

Front Pocket Phone Compatibility: Motorola ROKR E1, v557, V262, v276, A840, e815, V330, V65P, 270, 280, A630, A845, C300 Series (cdma/tdma), E310, E815, T700 Series, V120 Series, V260 Series, V300 Series, V400 Series, V500 Series, V600 Series, V635, V60 Series, V60 Color, V60P, V66, V70, V710, V810 and T300p phone models.

Rear Pocket Battery Compatibility: SNN5053, SNN5570, SNN5571, SNN5588, SNN5595, SNN5615, SNN5653, SNN5654, SNN5683, SNN5685, SNN5695, SNN5704, SNN5705, SNN5722, SNN5723, SNN5725, SNN5726, SNN5742, SNN5747, SYN0918A, SYN0926A, SYN0927A, SYN0928A and SYN1027A batteries.

Accessory Compatibility: All CE bus connector travel chargers, vehicle power adapters, data cables and plug-in speakers

  • Retail Packaged Original Motorola Accessory.
  • Manufacturer direct Warranty: 1 year.

    Motorola Dual Desktop Charger - Motorola Desktop Charger Original (OEM) SPN5204A / SPN5211A
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