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DataPilot sync software, USB data cable kit by Susteen for LG, Samsung, Sanyo, Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson and Kyocera cellular phones

cell phone data cable software kit

DataPilot Cell Phone Software/ Mobile Phone Data Kit

DataPilot cell phone software is an all-in-one complete sync solution and this is why the DataPilot USB Mobile Phone Data Cable Kit differs from other data management/ sync solution products. DataPilot is the only sync software that allows you to sync your contacts with the most popular contact managers, keep your appointments and calendar in sync with Outlook and Outlook Express, transfer pictures and ring tones freely between your cell phone and PC or check e-mails and surf the web from your PC or laptop using your cell phone as a wireless modem. All these features in a complete easy-to-use cell phone sync software application kit! Compatible features vary, and are based on cell phone model

Compatiblity tested with the following cell phone carriers:
Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T / Cingular and Alltel. (Will work with other carriers, although available features are not guaranteed)
Compatible cell phone models: LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sanyo, Audiovox, Sony Ericsson and Kyocera. Features vary for each cell phone model.

DataPilot Cell Phone Software - USB Data Cable Kit

  • Phone Book Manager, Internet Data Connect, Ring Tone Composer, SMS Manager, Image Editor, Calendar Support, read detailed descriptions below.
    PLEASE NOTE: Features supported (compatible) vary based on phone model and mobile phone provider.

    > Phone Book Manager

  • Import/export contacts from Microsoft® Outlook® Outlook Express®, and Palm® or use the built in phonebook manager.
  • Drag and drop contacts from ACT!
  • Back up cell phone data in case you lose, break, upgrade phone or change cell phone providers.
  • Select all or choose only specific contacts you need to update in your cell phone.
  • Simple column management to select the fields you want to manage.
  • Prioritize your contacts in any order you want with the renumber feature.

    > Internet Data Connect - use your cell phone as a wireless modem for internet connection

  • Check your e-mails while on the go.
  • Surf the web to access important data.
  • Display connection speed and status.
  • Versatile user-friendly installation program.
  • Easily sets up your data enabled phone as a modem for your PC.
    In order to Dial up with your cell phone, you will need a data plan/ data minutes. Contact your service provider (AT&T, Cingular, Sprint, T-mobile or Verizon) for details. You need to have a "data plan" or "data minutes" on your phone plan for this feature.

    > Ring Tone Composer

  • Transfer ringtones from your PC to your cell phone.
  • Import/export ringtones in various formats
    (Import: MIDI, RTTTL, iMELODY, eMELODY, or Kyocera KWS files types)
  • Download free MIDI ringtones (Tip: search for keyword "free midi ringtones")
  • Play ringtones on your PC.
  • Conveniently add and edit tracks.
  • Personalize the ringtone for your incoming calls.
  • Four ways to transfer ringtones: Data Cable/IRDA Transfer, Melody File Transfer, SMS Transfer, and Manual Entry.

    > SMS Manager

  • Download SMS messages from your cell phone.
  • Save your most important SMS messages on your PC.
  • Send SMS messages to anyone in address book or Outlook® contacts.
  • Easy SMS/ text messaging management.

    > Image Editor - transfer pictures from your cell phone to PC

  • Transfer camera phone pictures from your cell phone to your PC.
  • Using your cell phone settings, assign pictures to phone book contacts.
  • Set any picture as your wallpaper.
  • Image editing tools to customize your pictures.
  • Take a picture with your camera phone and save it to your PC.
  • Modify your picture and upload it back to your phone.

    > Calendar Support

  • Import/export calendar from Outlook® to your cell phone.
  • Create and modify your own schedule by adding, editing or deleting appointments.
  • Set alarm feature for appointments in your cell phone.

    Important - Please Note:
  • All DataPilot USB Mobile Phone Software Data Kits are NON-Returnable.
  • DataPilot Software Features vary based on phone model and mobile phone provider.
  • Retail packaged data kit, contains 1 Software CD, 1 USB Data Cable.
  • Each USB Mobile Phone Data Kit can be used for up to 8 compatible cell phones.
  • Compatibility for newer phone models may require the user to download the latest DataPilot software update from or simpy click on the "Update" button on your Interactive Phone Menu after you have installed the software to automatically receive the next version of DataPilot software (repeat the update process until you reach the most updated version), Free updates for 6 months.
  • Canadian cell phones are NOT compatible.
  • System Requirements:Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition Only), 2000, ME, XP. Pentium 100 MHz or higher CPU, 32MB minimum RAM, 15MB of free HDD space, 800x600 or higher resolution, 256 colors or higher, USB port, CD-ROM drive.
  • Requirements for Dial Up Features:data plan with carrier, 9600 or higher baud modem, Web-browsing software, Internet access, Internet SMTP/POP3 or other MAPI Compliant Messaging Software.
  • Live Technical Support: Phone: 949-789-8200 M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm PST
  • Tech Support E-mail:
  • Online Tech Support

  • LG cell phone software kit - Lg VX-3200/ VI125/ PM325/ MM-535/ LX-535 DataPilot
    $79.95  $49.95 On Sale!
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    LG cell phone software Data Kit: LG C1300, Lg L1150, Lg L1400, L1200, LX1200 DataPilot
    $79.95  $49.95 On Sale! All-in-one LG data kit with usb data cable and softwareby DataPilot.
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    LG data kit LG G4050, G4020, G4011, G4010, G4015 DataPilot cell phone software
    $79.95  $49.95 On Sale! DataPilot cell phone software/ LG data kit LG G4050, G4020, G4011, G4010, G4015. LG phone software, usb data cable, All-in-One cell phone management tool.
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    Motorola Software mini USB data cable - Motorola Razr V3, V180, V220, C650
    $79.95  $64.95 On Sale! DataPilot cell phone software for Motorola Razr V3, V180, V220, C650, C331g, C332, C333g.
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    DataPilot Sanyo cell phone Software Sanyo 7200 RL2000 5300 4900
    $79.95  $64.95 On Sale! Sanyo cell phone software, Data Kit, Sanyo USB data cable. Sanyo 7200 RL2000 5300 4900 cell phone compatible. All-in-One Sanyo Data transfer kit, DataPilot.
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    Sony Ericsson data cable software kit DataPilot Ericsson T616, T610, T608, T626, T316, T306, T300, R300LX, R300Z, T226, T68, T68i, T62u, T61C, T61Z, T60LX, T60C, T39, T28W, T28Z
    $79.95  $42.95 On Sale! Sony Ericsson data kit, DataPilot Software, usb data cable for Sony Ericsson Please see details for complete compatibility.
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    Kyocera SE47 Kyocera Slider software data cable kit DataPilot
    $79.95  $49.95 On Sale! Kyocera SE47/SE47 Kyocera Sider DataPilot Sync Software and USB data cable kit for Kyocera SE-47/ SE-44 Kyocera Slider cell phone models by Susteen. Kyocera Data Kit.
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    datapilot_usb_kit_sm.jpg DataPilot Bluetooth Kit - Mobile Phone data transfer suite
    $59.95  $39.00 On Sale! DataPilot Bluetooth Data transfer software Kit, compatible with many cell phone models: (LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson).
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