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Audiovox 8900 Battery BTR-8900 Audiovox cell phone battery Original

Audiovox 8900/ CDM8900 Battery: Original BTR-8900 Lithium battery
Audiovox 8900 Accessories
Audiovox cell phone batteries/ Audiovox battery

Audiovox CDM-8900/ CDM8900/ 8900 Battery: Audiovox BTR-8900/ BTR8900.
This is the same factory original 900 mah Lithium Ion Battery that came with your audiovox 8900 cellular phone.
The BTR-8900/ BTR8900 Audiovox battery provides great standby & talk time.
Note: that Lithium Ion batteries are thr only true No Memory batteries.

Fits Audiovox 8900/ CDM8900 cellular phones as a direct replacement battery, made by Audiovox.


  • OEM Standard Lithium Ion Audiovox cell phone batteries for audiovox 8900 cell phone model.
  • Provides 150 minutes talk time / 103 hours stand-by time.
  • This is the standard capacity Original Audiovox cell phone battery offered for the CDM8900/ 8900 cell phone.
  • This item ships within 5 days.

    Audiovox 8900/ CDM8900 Battery BTR-8900 Audiovox batteries

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